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Hello everyone! My name is Valerie Ohata and I was born and raised in Estonia. I am registered nurse but currently I am not working. Wife of a wonderful man and mother of the best boy. I started with blogging few times in my life but the main problem is keeping motivation, so I will try my best to continue writing. I am also first Estonian verified AliExpress blogger, you can find some of my reviews in AliExpress app under "Blogger pick" category.

So what will you find in my blog?

➖ family and parenting
➖ style
➖ recipes
➖ travelling
➖ cheap and good deals in Estonian shops and Worldwide online shops (only on my Facebook page now)
➖ shopping on AliExpress, my purchases and reviews with real photos and links
➖ AliExpress: questions and answers
➖ where to go, what to do, where to eat
➖ different life tips
➖ talks about life
➖ my purchases: favourites and disappointments
➖ housekeeping

That`s not all! Follow my blog to get know more :)